Buckets In The Attic

You are no doubt more familiar with “Skeletons In The Closet”; i.e., things about a person’s past that are kept secret and/or not likely discussed openly in public for fear of embarrassment or worst.

Buckets In The Attic is similar, but perhaps a more updated expression given the condition we find ourselves in the current economy.  Not that past generations have not had similar or worst situations.  The previously generation could certainly tell stories about the Depression when food lines were long, homes were dark, and children were given away to families that could offer a brighter future.

The current state of the union has been hard on many people.  The signs are more evident with some than others.  Tent Cities have evolved in city parks.  The BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) reports growing unemployment, and long term unemployment is a growing percentage.  Foreclosure notices are monitored to predict whether or not we are coming out of the housing recession.  Short Sales is something that most people have at least heard of if not personally experienced.  There has been a marked increase in the number of tax assessor valuations that have been challenged.

As a REALTOR and investor I have had the opportunity to see the inside of many homes.  From the outside things look fine and normal.  Inside, things can be quite different.  Nice neighborhoods are not immune to hoarders.  Nice neighborhoods have homes deteriorating on the inside from deferred maintenance.  Front yards that might pass association guidelines have backyards grossly neglected.  Basements and crawlspaces remain flooded with growing mold.

Buckets In The Attic comes from a personal experience and literally refers to the pails often found in the attic to catch roof leaks.  Sometimes this is done as a temporary measure until a roofer can be found to make the repair.  Now days, buckets are becoming semi-permanent until the financial situation improves and funds become available to fix the roof.

As the economy lingers on, more and more people will experience Buckets In The Attic situations.  Good friends, neighbors, relatives, church members, etc should be on the lookout for signs that might indicate someone is having a tough time.  And then lend a hand.

As I write this I recall coincidentally that today’s Gospel reading was about the Good Samaritan.  Funny how God works.

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