Stellar Agent Not Imply Stellar Results

The highly successful real estate agent has found a way to market their business in a way that generates leads which can then be monetized (converted into transactions that yield revenue).

This is no small task, and only a small percentage of agents have figured out how to do it; i.e., how to market him/her self.

Not to be confused with the former is delivering on what most sellers want – to net more in less time. Is there anyone who wants to take more time to sell and receive less?

Miller Group Realty specializes in the latter, and executing our Best Home Marketing approach to selling higher value property is the reason clients are Moved By The Experience.

Surveys indicate that the majority of sellers talk to only 1 agent before hiring someone to list their property. This is certainly the fast track approach to getting on the market. In some situations time to market is important but we have not seen this objective take priority over more money at closing in less time.

Contact us and we’ll be delighted to discuss individual situations and share more about our approach to selling and business model.

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