Achieving The Right Balance

In golf, whether pro or amateur (I’ve been both), there is constant work to maximize distance without sacrificing accuracy.

Whether Realtor or investor (ditto) there is delicate balance to be reached between maximizing the net at closing without excessive time on market.

We’ve been refining the Best Home Marketing approach since 2012 when we realized that more could be done to sell higher value property than simply having nice pics and relying on price reductions.

Our conversations about real estate (CARE) are intended to prepare the seller and position the property to drive more showings, more offers, simultaneous offers, higher and better offers, backup offers and backup contracts.

Our systematic approach leaves little to chance in giving the seller the best opportunity to net more in less time. After all, what homeowner wants to leave money on the table and spend months keeping the house showroom ready daily.

We invite East Cobb and Walton High School homeowners to talk to us, and then be prepared to be Moved By The Experience!

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