East Cobb Real Estate Is Really Hot!

“Homes that are priced right are going under contract immediately, and with multiple offers. Yea, East Cobb Real Estate is really hot.”

Listen closely and you hear this spoken by real estate agents and the general public alike in response to the question, “How’s the market?” The operative word is, “right”.

In reality, whether the market is up, down or flat, a house that is priced right will sell quickly, and near the seller’s asking price. Sure, the same house will sell at a different price in different market shifts. The seller can’t expect to sell a house in 2011 at 2007 prices. Thus, it is incumbent upon the seller to price the property according to the current market.

Substitute [East Cobb] with any area in metro Atlanta, or any town USA, and you have a true statement.

This is not to say that East Cobb is not a nice place to live, because it is. And the average sales price is near the top in Atlanta. But rest assured, an over priced house will not go under contract and will linger on the market, even in East Cobb.

Contact us when thoughts of moving come to mind.

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