Loved By Few.

Becoming BIG by being small is the vision statement of MGR.

“Big” as in being the best in our niche…giving sellers the best opportunity to net more at closing in less time.

“Small” is our intentional effort to work with fewer clients of higher value property as hyperlocal Realtors.

Our vision is made possible by a business model that enables us to outwork others to deliver on the mission, goal and results desired most by buyers and sellers.

Our value proposition and approach to business means MGR, Brady Miller and Patti Miller will not appear in search results for “Atlanta Realtors”, “East Cobb Real Estate”, Walton High School Top Agents” and other similar key words. We are more likely found as a result of a recommendation from those who know us…those that have been Moved By The Experience.

As in life, it is better to be loved by few than liked by many.


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