Golf & Real Estate

Just as headwinds impede golf’s longest hitters, conformity to the surrounding area can hinder a home’s value.

Golfers still out drive their opponents when hitting into the wind but they face a longer shot into the green making the hole play more difficult.

Likewise, sellers with the largest house in the neighborhood will in the end command a higher price than their neighbors, but they will face a tougher time getting every dollar out of the sale due to the real estate headwind principle called conformity.

We understand the owners disappointment in this reality; however, an “$800k” house in a $600k neighborhood will not likely experience the same sales results as it would if it were in a $900k community.

Contact us if you are planning to make some major improvements and we’ll be glad to offer our opinion on conformity if the concern is return on investment. If the scope of work is simply for life style and personal enjoyment then follow the Home Depot slogan and “Let’s Do This”.

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