How Many Ways Can You Say, “Lower Price”?

Almost as many as there are to say, “I Love You”.

I’m amused by the code words used to convey a lower price as there seems to be an aversion to naming it for what it is. While the seller must approve a price change, it is most likely the agent that crafts the language and rare for the client to request to review the message prior to it going public.

Often used phrases that I observe to indicate a price reduction: Price Improvement, New Price, Fabulous Reduction, Huge Price Adjustment/Drop, Dramatic Price Reduction, etc. Messages of this type display a desperation that will hinder the seller’s ability to walk from closing with the most money in the least amount of time.

Other messages that portray a complete misjudgment in pricing, a distressed situation, and/or a greedy seller that has turned apologetic include: Highly Motivated Seller, Great Price, Priced Below Appraisal, Make An Offer, Lease Also Available, Bring All Buyers, and Seller Will Entertain All Offers.

And then there are the ads (e.g., “Priced To Sell” and “Hurry, Will Not Last Long”) that attempt to trick buyers into making a poor decision which with time becomes obvious that the property was overpriced. An over priced listing is a classic example of what we refer to as a FALSE START.

All of the above are none issues when a listing is priced to reflect the condition of the property and the current local market. This is easier said than done, but being intentionally focused on fewer clients of higher value property, as we are, gives us time to implement a Best Home Marketing approach to selling and having clients Moved By The Experience.


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