Seller Strategy: Double Discount

To me, this is an unimaginable scenario and so contrary to the ultimate seller goal – to net more at closing in less time. I’ve yet to see anything that comes close to this combination of what we could categorize as “False Start” events.

A new listing on the market, almost $1m and a nice looking home.

First, the marketing which simply includes a description of less than a dozen words and a single photo. Perhaps the listing has not been completely launched?

Then I notice the broker firm is a discounter, claiming clients save tons of money. Now I understand why the marketing is what it is.

Lastly, I look at the co-op commission being offered to agents that bring a buyer and find it deeply discounted.

No doubt the homeowner (not sure that I would yet put them in the “seller” category) will save money on commission, but I just can’t imagine a scenario in which this strategy will result in more money at closing in less time.

I’m absolutely confident that hiring us to implement our Best Home Marketing approach to selling higher homes will produce a better outcome for the seller, even with higher commission.

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