Top 10 – Steps To Net More In Less Time.

In order of priority

1. Advertising – Buyers can’t purchase what they can’t find. Pervasive online presence, as well as neighborhood and property signage. Data accuracy key to being found online.

2. Marketing – Initial impression: pictures and brief intro.

3. Pricing – Match the property.

4. Pricing – Consistent with similar homes.

5. Marketing – Extensive on-line property information that positions the property (thorough, distinctive and memorable) and justifies the purchase price, potentially using appraisal information and/or home inspection reports.

6. Property Access – Easy to reach the Listing Agent, readily available, clear instructions for gaining access.

7. The Home Itself – First impression, staged, organized, welcoming, pleasant aroma, well maintained, updated and improved.

8. Pricing – Onsite first impression confirms the pricing and prompts buyers to move forward an immediate offer.

9. Marketing – Deliver a consistent high quality presentation, buyer/agent accessible detail property information, property value justification, and necessary contract related documents.

10 Seller – Prepare the seller in advance to anticipate and respond to offers and counteroffers in a timely manner consistent with the current market.

Pricing and marketing are mentioned more than once to underscore the critical role they play, and to align with the iterative process buyers often use to evaluate a home that appears interesting or meets their criteria…whether it be a deal or their ideal home.

There is much more that goes on behind the scenes as we prepare the seller and position the property to give our client the best opportunity to net more at closing in less time. We plan, strategize, review options, and consider offensive and defensive measures to produce the desired results.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to schedule some time to dive into more detail on a personal basis.

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