Walton vs Metro ATL – Expired Listings

FMLS Stat 6-1-17 Number Expires

It seems that everyone has stories to tell about the housing market. Some say homes are flying off the market, while others report a shifting market. We hear about strangers knocking on doors asking the owner if they want to sell, and at the same time sellers are frantic about little or no showings.

What’s really happening?

It comes down to not just location, or even disparities in price range. In the end, each home is potentially a unique situation in part because no two owners are alike. Homes don’t sell themselves. Owners make GO / NO GO decisions based on their personal experiences and expectations.

Our Best Home Marketing approach to selling higher value homes includes preparing the seller and positioning the property to give our client the best opportunity to net more at closing in less time.

The above chart highlights the number of Expired Listings in Walton High School compared to Metro Atlanta for single family detached resales (excludes new construction) in the $700k – $1m price range for the Jan – May time frame for the past 5 years.

TAKE AWAY – Metro Atlanta shows a steady increase in the number of Expired Listings, one indicator of a possible shifting market. The activity in the Walton High School area is fairly consistent, with Feb ’16 and Jan ’17 being exceptions.

We are hyperlocal Realtors focused on the Walton area. Our business model enables us to outwork our peers, even those with highly successful reputations. Concentrating on fewer clients allows us more time to perform the impactful activities that can make a big difference in the outcome…sellers walking from closing with more money, in less time.

Contact us, or visit our website to learn more. Miller Group Realty

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