False Start – Listing Input Errors

You’ll find in our blog on 5/16/17, “Top 10 – Steps to Net More in Less Time”, that data accuracy was placed #1 in the list. I don’t believe very many sellers give this much thought, assuming their agent will get it right. We recommend sellers not blindly trust their agent and verify the listing and marketing information for themselves as everyone (the agent, data entry clerk, etc) can make mistakes.

Example – I recently discovered a listing that included a comment about a price change. I assumed the message was intended to communicate that an error had occurred rather than a price reduction. That explanation seemed like good attempt to salvage the deal; however, a closer inspection of the listing history revealed that the error had gone unnoticed for more than a week.

In our Best Home Marketing approach to selling higher value property the first 2 weeks of a new listing is critical to our client’s best interest; i.e., to net more in less time. Having an incorrect price (in this instance, almost 4% over the intended priced) is a huge False Start and perhaps is just one reason the house is still not under contract.




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