Seller False Start – Agent Branding

The thought probably never comes to mind, and if it does a good agent likely has a convincing reply to minimize the concern. What concern?

Agent branding, specialty and/or service area marketing. Avoiding this False Start begins with hiring the right listing agent.

Most often the agent is family or friend, a referral, or possibly someone found via an online search. Contact is made and the conversation goes something like this,

“I am thinking about selling my home. I [know you or heard good things about you]. When can we meet to discuss the sale of my home? Please be prepared to talk about how long you’ve been in business, have you sold homes like mine, what is the commission, and when can it be on the market.”

Fast forward a few days or weeks and now the agent is hired, pictures taken, staging complete and the house is on the market with a FOR SALE sign placed in the yard.

It is at this point that the obvious False Start may have been overlooked; i.e., an East Cobb upscale single family detached home with a yard sign that includes agent branding, specialty and/or service area that may jeopardize the seller’s goal to net more at closing in less time.

Examples (without being specific to particular agents or firms) might include branding “Midtown Realty Advisers”, “Atlanta Real Estate & Auctioneers“, “Everything Condo“, or “Distressed Property Experts”.

Perhaps a better choice is Keller Williams and Miller Group Realty. Note the East Cobb market share earned by Keller Williams agents as of 1Q17. This degree of representation puts the seller in a very powerful position.


For more information on hiring the right agent, visit Miller Group Realty.

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