Sellers Must Take An Active Role In The Sale Of Their Home!

Sellers must take an active role in the sale of their home, even if a listing agent has been hired. This may seem contradictory but it is to your best interest to do so, and here’s just one reason – To hold the agent accountable.

A $900k+ East Cobb listing has been on the market since this time last year. Each time it Expired the original agent was rehired. Perhaps there is a personal relationship, maybe the seller is in no hurry to sell, and/or the agent communicates that the market is simply tough these days in the luxury category.

What caught my attention, which is not just a common occurrence but almost a universal standard, is the original advertising has not changed throughout the process. Not only is there no additional marketing material (i.e., disclosures, list of improvements, survey, etc) to help sell the value of the property, but over the past year the same original 25 photos are being used even though the MLS has increased the maximum number of photos allowed from 25 to 40.

Has the agent just given up on this listing? Is the agent too busy to go back and re-energize the marketing? Is it just the agent’s business to put listings on autopilot until they sell? Or is it just a numbers game in which some sell and others don’t.

The bottom line is not just that this luxury home is being under marketed. It is that the seller is being under served which will translate into less money at closing.

It is unfortunate that we did not have the opportunity to share what we do before this seller made a hiring decision. Our business model, Best Home Marketing approach to selling higher value property and the quality of our CARE (conversations about real estate) is clearly not just better than what they received but the best regardless of how much or how little commission is paid.

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