A Lonely Feeling.

A lonely feeling can be a good thing, or at minimum, very uncomfortable.

As a former pro golfer and watching The Open on TV today I was a reminded that being alone on the driving range prior to the start of my round on the 4th day of competition was a good thing. The solitude meant that I had played well enough to be in the last group and energized for the opportunity to cash a big check.

In contrast, being in the 4th week of selling your house with few showings, without offers and facing what-next questions can produce some pretty lonely feelings (“Where is everyone?”) with expectations of cashing a big check at closing going out the window.

We prepare the seller and position the property to anticipate the market, minimize False Start situations, and avoid the inevitable onset of Seller Fatigue. Check out this video which perfectly describes the emotional roller coaster that comes with long days on market.

If you like what we do, call us to discuss the particulars of your situation.





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