Parable Of The Bird Feeder

The Parable Of The Bird Feeder offers a great visual from which to view your anticipated equity when selling your house. Think of the seed as your potential net at closing; i.e., the cash you will receive.

When the bird feeder is hung and filled with seed there is great anticipation of who will visit.

Filled with the wrong seed the activity can be less than expected and it may draw only a few pigeons and cow birds. In contrast, the right seed brings song birds and colorful finch that nibble away at the tasty treat.

What also is just about guaranteed to occur is the dreaded squirrel, persistent to get it’s share of the meal. In the process maneuvering to jump or shimmy the pole the bird feeder tips and in an instant a load of seed spills to the ground.

In this story the wrong seed is poor marketing, which includes less than professional photos, data errors, minimal property information, over pricing, etc. The right seed attracts the best buyers, wowed from the moment they appear at the curb and reveal their excitement by their questions.

Lingering on the market too long brings those (the squirrels) looking for the deal and the motivated seller who ends up walking away from the closing table with less money than anticipated.

Protect your equity by hiring the right agent.



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