Walton High School Oct ’17 Stats

Walton High School Oct ’17 Stats are now available at Miller Group Realty, including a detailed breakdown by elementary school (East Side, Mount Bethel, Sope Creek, Timber Ridge) and price range.

Pricing a new listing correctly can’t be over emphasized.

Stats 10-31-17 No Price Change SP OLP

Stats 10-31-17 Price Change SP OLP

Notice the difference in the Sales Price / Original List Price ratio and Total Days On Market for listings when no price change was needed, compared to those that incurred one or more price changes to prompt offers.

The data points represent all resale Walton listings in the 4 elementary schools mentioned that sold for $600,000+ during the specified time period.

  • No Price Change: 75 listings
  • Price Change: 46 listings

Some believe the market is shifting in favor of the buyer. I don’t believe that is the case for the “luxury” Walton resale market which YTD has experienced 62% of the listings going under contract in an average of 47 days and at 96.7% of the Original List Price. Any micro market looks bad when properties are over priced!

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