Why Is The House Not Selling?

“Why is the house not selling?” is a question raised by owners as well as prospective buyers when a listing clocks long days on market. Some reasons most often given include it being over priced, lackluster marketing, the market, agent not proactive, off-peak season, etc. Perhaps the most overlooked is advertising errors.

What happens if the listing information is incorrect? If the mistake coincides with one of the buyer’s must-haves the result can be a missed opportunity…a black hole. Buyers can’t purchase what can’t be found.

Imagine dropping the price, time and time again, when price may not be the issue, or becoming an unintended landlord.

Some advertising oversights I’ve recently experienced:

  • 2-story vs 1-story
  • 4-side brick vs Front-side stucco
  • Basement with no bedroom vs gorgeous bedroom
  • Resale vs New construction
  • Basement with 3 half baths vs 1 half bath
  • Half acre lot vs Small lot

Listing mistakes are classic False Start conditions. Every seller should check their listing to ensure the advertising accuracy and not solely depend on their agent.

Miller Group Realty purposely works with fewer clients at a time to minimize False Start scenarios and to have time to personally perform activities that set the stage for superior performance. Learn more at Miller Group Realty.

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