When The Sun, Moon & Stars Align

When the sun, moon and stars align the stage is set for an awesome astronomical experience. Similarly, Miller Group Realty utilizes its Best Home Marketing approach to set the stage for an optimal outcome and clients Moved By The Experience.  How do we set the stage?

Giving sellers the best opportunity to net more in less time, the real estate equivalent of totality (think the 2017 total solar eclipse), is achieved by attending to details in a number of areas.

  • Pricing (and pricing strategy) – correct from the outset
  • Marketing – widespread and giving buyers online access to extensive property information that sells value
  • Onsite Presentation – providing buyers and their agent a wow-experience
  • Available – showing the house on short notice if necessary
  • Weather – while it can’t be controlled it can be anticipated
  • Negotiation – putting the seller in a strong position, focusing on the outcome (closing)

This short list may seem like an easy recipe for success but it is the details and anticipation of the expected and unexpected that can thwart the False Start scenarios that many sellers experience and characterized by long days on market and less cash at closing at best, or worst…an Expired or Withdrawn listing.

Be Moved By The Experience with Miller Group Realty.

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