What can WHY and ‘Y’ mean to you?

Our WHY is found in our business model, vision, mission, goal and result statements, and it is a simple ‘Y’ that changes the perspective from OUR interest to YOUR best interest.

It is not just WHAT we do, but the WHY that can make a significant difference in the outcome as we prepare the seller and position the property to produce the most favorable environment to generate more showings, more offers sooner, simultaneous offers, higher and better offers, backup offers and backup contract(s), and to retain the contract value through the day of closing.

We welcome any invitation to share our Best Home Marketing approach to selling that includes working with clients to prepare a proactive and offensive plan to attract best offers and for being under contract within 2-3 weeks.

While many in this business intently focus on expanding their business, we have a singular commitment to expanding the seller’s net at closing and doing so with less time on market.

We may be the ideal Realtor for homeowners preparing to sell:

  • a higher value Walton High School home in East Side, Mount Bethel, Sope Creek or Timber Ridge Elementary Schools,
  • property that has been updated, upgraded and/or improved, and
  • not recently listed in the MLS or FSBO

Feel free to contact us even if this does not describe your situation so that we can discuss how we can best be of service.

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