False Start

The homeowner who decides to sell their house enters a competition regardless of whether they list For Sale By Owner (FSBO) or with an agent.

In a track meet, an initial false start by one restarts and renews the race for all, but not so in real estate. Placing a For Sale sign in the yard officially enters them in the race but a false start divides the field into those that truly participant (receive offers and close) from those that become spectators (watch the market activity and are left to wonder).

To avoid becoming the spectator, hire the right agent. That could be a friend, relative or referral, or it may be the one from the cold call or the knock at the door.

Don’t rely on relationships alone when selecting an agent. Asking questions, the common and easy ones tell you something about the agent: How long in business? , Do you know the area?, How will you market my house?, What is your commission?

Notice that these answers do not address what is most important. The overarching objective for sellers is the need to walk from closing with as much money in as a little time as possible. Ask the hard question, “How will you address this objective?”

The key point to remember is that you can restart the listing process following a false start, but you cannot renew the one opportunity to be a new listing. The best opportunity to net more in less time is to enter the competition once. Miller Group Realty can make that happen.

Contact us to learn more about the MGR Best Home Marketing approach to selling higher value Walton homes in East Side, Mount Bethel, Sope Creek and Timber Ridge Elementary Schools.

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