Higher Value Walton High School Home Resale Stats

MillerGroupRealty.com is the home for higher value Walton High School home resale stats by price range in Dickerson Middle School and Dodgen Middle School and the four elementary schools of East Side, Mount Bethel, Sope Creek and Timber Ridge that feed them. The local MLS provides a number of market metrics but system design does not support the level of detail that is so important to homeowners living within the Walton High School attendance zone.

The most recent Walton High School numbers reveal the following:

  • There have been no resales recorded in the month of February since 2013 for homes priced over $1.5m. That compares to just 2 in the month of January over the same 6-year period.

While this might seem to suggest that these early months are not a good time to sell I still advocate that the best time to sell is when you are ready and motivated regardless of the time of year.

Does working with buyers to purchase a resale in Decatur and a new construction in Kennesaw, listing a home in Suwanee, and locating a rental in Morning Side make one an “Atlanta market expert” or does it simply denote a willingness to go anywhere. Is an agent or team working with dozens of clients across the six metro counties the right choice for a someone moving into or out of the Walton High School area?

I have a very narrow market focus as outlined on MillerGroupRealty.com. Don’t hesitate to contact me when you have an interest in buying or selling and truly need a hyper-local Realtor with a…

  • Vision: Become BIG By Being SMALL.
  • Mission: Raise Seller Awareness – More Can Be Done.
  • Goal: Net More At Closing, In Less Time.
  • Results: Clients Moved By The Experience.
  • Business Model: Fewer clients At A Time

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