“I Know My Way Around The Kitchen”

I know my way around the kitchen is often used to communicate ones cooking skills.

Likewise, I know the local area is commonly used by real estate agents to immediately connect with a prospective buyer or seller.

“Know” is vague and without more information it is impossible to grasp a cook’s or agent’s level of expertise. Both expressions could be used by someone being very humble about their high level accomplishments. On the other hand, the expressions could purposefully be nondescript hoping the other party will assume the best and what they want to hear.

What might I know the local area mean when real estate is the topic?

First, what is an “area”? Is it a city (Marietta), ZIP code (30068), part of town (East Cobb), high school district (Walton), elementary school (Mt Bethel), or perhaps a subdivision (Waterford Green)?

Second, what is the “know” or experience part of the equation?

An agent could legitimately claim a local knowledge if born and raised in the area, drove children to/from school and sports in the area, passed through the area commuting to work, or simply knows the part of town it is located. But this surface knowledge is most likely not what a buyer or seller has in mind when scouting for an agent.

An agent with transactional experience in the area would certainly be within bounds to state they have local knowledge. However, as above, more information is needed to thoroughly understand the relevance of this experience; e.g., how many transactions, when did they occur, what price ranges and type (detached, condos, land, rental, etc) of real estate.

Scratch & Sniff. Dig deeper!

It is also important to understand the agent’s business, not just their sales history. Are they full-time or does selling real estate provide a second income? Are they part of a large team which might muddy the water when attempting to understand their contribution? Does the agent work all parts of metro Atlanta? What is their focus or specialty; i.e., do they even have a specialty? Do they sell new construction, resales, lots, and rentals? Are they an investor first, and agent to others second?

The agent who does everything for everybody in every price range in all areas of metro Atlanta and beyond is a generalist. This is a valid business plan and one exercised by many highly successful agents; however, it is not what most buyers and sellers have in mind when they value the benefits attributed to an agent who is local and “knows the area”.

Selling a house is not rocket science…they are sold daily by novice and seasoned agents. This is what drives sellers to consider discount brokers that offer minimal and/or a la carte services.  The challenge, and what every seller (consciously or unconsciously) desires and what they assume they are getting for their full service commission rate, is the balance of seemingly opposing forces; i.e., receiving the most cash at closing in as little time as possible.

The Miller Group Realty story.

Brady Miller serves East Cobb and fringe areas, with a concentration on the higher value (generally $600k+) Walton High School homes found in just the four elementary schools of East Side, Mt Bethel, Sope Creek and Timber Ridge. The specialization is further defined by a focus on resales (not new construction, condos/town homes, rentals, lots or commercial property).

Sellers with updated homes that fall within these general guidelines benefit most from the MGR Best Home Marketing approach to selling which includes preparing the seller and positioning the property in a manner that leaves little to chance in setting the right environment to have the very best opportunity to net more at closing, and in less time.

Working with no more than 2 or 3 clients at a time is the goal because more effort is required to implement the impactful activities that drive the end results. Fewer clients of higher value property offsets the need for more transactions and allows for more time to accomplish client objectives.  Make sense?

Moved By The Experience is a single tagline with a dual meaning:

  • Closing the sale, often characterized by best offers within 10 days and under contract within 2-3 weeks, and
  • Clients eager to share an extremely satisfying outcome and relationship.


Think twice before hiring the friend or family agent, the neighborhood agent, the highly branded or luxury agent, or perhaps the agent used to purchase a house years ago or in another part of town. Hiring the Right Agent can make a significant difference in the net at closing and time on market.

Contact Brady at 678-933-7780 and Brady@MillerGroupRealty.com to learn more.


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