Walton High School Housing Market Performance

The monthly Walton High School real estate stats I publish to my website takes almost a full day as the data is not readily available from the MLS system and due to the time involved in updating the charts and preparing and uploading the images. The fun part begins when the work is completed; i.e., comparing and contrasting what has transpired relative to other areas, schools, price ranges and over time.

The featured image above (and fully labeled below) depicts the percentage change in the resale (excludes new construction) average sales price over the last four years of detached homes (excludes condos, town homes, land, and lots) in the Walton High School district versus the four major metro Atlanta counties of Dekalb, Fulton, Gwinnett and Cobb (excluding Walton High School). Which line represents Walton? Think school colors.

The following charts illustrate the apparent volatility that occurs given different base periods and why it is impossible using this approach to answer the question, “What is the average annual increase in Walton home values?”

AugustStats 8-31-19 Avg Sales Price Percentage Chg Metro Atl vs Walton

JulyStats 7-31-19 Avg Sales Price Percentage Chg Metro Atl vs Walton

JuneStats 6-30-19 Avg Sales Price Percentage Chg Metro Atl vs Walton

MayStats 5-31-19 Avg Sales Price Percentage Chg Metro Atl vs Walton

AprilStats 4-30-19 Avg Sales Price % Chg Metro Atl vs Walton


While the average resale Sale Price for the four referenced metro counties has increased about 22% (ranging from 20% – 24%) since 2015, the Walton numbers vary from -3% to 29%. How can that be?

The reason for this wide disparity is the relatively small number of transactions. While there are a couple of thousand occurring monthly in the four major metro counties there are only about 50 within the Walton High School district. 

The following chart displays the actual monthly resale average sales price of the two markets.

Wordpress Blog Walton Metro County Avg Sales Price


Contact me if you have questions and I welcome the opportunity to assist with the purchase or sale of the higher value Walton homes in the four elementary schools of East Side, Mt Bethel, Sope Creek and Timber Ridge, East Cobb and fringe areas.

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