Is This Your Home Selling Experience?

Is this your home selling experience, or what you imagine it to be?

Chaos. Uncertainty. Out of control. Beat down, or up. Bruised and abused. Neighbors watching intently. Turning on a dime to accommodate last minute showings. Falling over oneself to keep the house constantly showroom ready.

Going through the process and finally selling is one thing, but imagine this experience and not selling and what that entails; i.e., changing moving plans, waiting for next season, re-interviewing agents, re-freshening what had already been done months prior, and lastly, getting mentally prepared for possibly another round of turmoil.

There are plenty of buyers (INVESTORS) who promise to eliminate all of this with their quick close, all cash deal. And most will follow through on their offer. I know because I used to be one with over 100 such transactions completed.

Selling to an investor or iBuyer is a great option for those willing to trade money for convenience, but is there not more than a Hail Mary chance to sell without all of the headaches and giving up so much equity?

The answer is “yes” with Miller Group Realty. It can happen and does happen. It is not guaranteed but it is well-reasoned that the sellers #1 goal can be accomplished by WHAT is done and WHY.

Working with fewer clients at a time is one of the keys as it takes more effort to personally execute the impactful activities that leave little to chance in giving the seller the best opportunity to achieve their goal. Another is the laser-like focus on such a small slice of the market that builds upon the wisdom, adviser role and the implementation of Best Home Marketing originally conceived in 2012 out of the need to better service those with higher value homes.

The MGR business model combined with Best Home Marketing present perhaps the most compelling approach to selling higher value homes. Click the images of two recent Walton High School listings to be begin to appreciate the difference.

Front Riverly with Video Icon

Front Old Fuller with Video Icon

Spend a few minutes perusing and the monthly stats produced by price range and elementary school and I believe it will become increasingly clear as to why and how my business may be the right choice for those with the following attributes:

  • Single family detached home,
  • Located in one of four elementary schools (East Side, Mt Bethel, Sope Creek, Timber Ridge) that feed into Walton High School,
  • Valued approximately $600k+, and is
  • Well maintained, updated and/or improved.


In contrast to the aforementioned turmoil, be Moved By The Experience of MGR and Best Home Marketing, where the goal line (net more at closing, in less time) may be closer than one might think.

Football Snap

A 2019 online review – “Whether you’re selling or buying a home in East Cobb, the definitive choice for your RE agent is Brady Miller. Great listener. Focuses on details without losing sight of the big picture. Awesome coach and partner. Process- and data-driven, analytical and insightful. Ethical and honest with quick follow-up and follow-through. He’s an expert on sales strategy and pricing. For our sell transaction, all these attributes resulted in a contract within three days of listing at full listing price. We also had a backup buyer on deck and Brady was artful on direction and crisp regarding agent-to-agent communications. Before listing your property, we’d highly recommend that you visit Brady’s website. Determine if your situation fits in his wheelhouse and engage him. He’s not only a RE pro, but a great person to get to know.” 

Contact Brady at 678-933-7780 and




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