Walton High School Oct ’17 Stats

Walton High School Oct ’17 Stats are now available at Miller Group Realty, including a detailed breakdown by elementary school (East Side, Mount Bethel, Sope Creek, Timber Ridge) and price range. Continue reading “Walton High School Oct ’17 Stats”

Benefits of Pricing Correctly

There are many benefits to pricing correctly, two of which are less time on market and a higher sales price when compared to the original list price. Check out these charts for a great visual representation. Continue reading “Benefits of Pricing Correctly”

Can A New Listing Be Under Priced?

“Can a new listing be under priced?” I hear this question frequently.

The general consensus seems to indicate the answer is “No” because an under priced listing will be bid up to the fair market value.

This answer and reasoning is really a response to a different question; i.e., “Will an under priced property sell for the fair market value?” Continue reading “Can A New Listing Be Under Priced?”

1Q Walton High School Stats – Avg Price

FMLS Stats 2015 2016 2017 Qty Avg Price Listings Walton

Although 2016 showed solid monthly gains over 2015 in terms of average sales price, 2017 average sales prices are somewhat mixed in comparison to 2016.

The gap between the monthly list price and sales price has narrowed in 2017 as the average list price has decreased as the average sales price has increased.