Walton High School Residential Real Estate Market Observations

Perhaps the best place to find residential resale information for higher value Walton High School homes is MillerGroupRealty.

Here are some takeaways as of July (raw data sourced from the First MLS system) for Walton homes in four elementary schools (East Side, Mt Bethel, Sope Creek and Timber Ridge). Unless otherwise noted, the information is based on resales (excludes new construction) of just single family detached homes (excludes condos/townhomes and lots/land).

  • Number of Active listings is below the levels reached in the summers of 2014 – 2017.
  • Number of new construction listings continues its decline (began June 2017).
  • The average sales price increase for Walton since July 2014 is about 18%, coincidentally about the same for the four major metro counties (Cobb, Dekalb, Fulton, Gwinnett).
  • The average Walton sales price was $625k compared to $426k for Pope, $433k for Lassiter, $406k for Wheeler and $286k for Sprayberry.
  • Higher value homes ($600k+) account for about 45% of all Active listings and Sold listings.
  • The July average sales price of $890k for Sope Creek consistently far surpasses the other elementary schools (under $600k).
  • Who has the most homes available for under $600k? East Side
  • Who has the most higher value ($600k+) homes available? Sope Creek

Contact us when you have thoughts of selling as we may well be your best choice for representation when the goal is to net more at closing, in less time. Our clients benefit most when we can apply our Best Home Marketing approach to selling and also be hyperlocal. We live where we work, and our website reflects this focus.

Where Is The Local Market Headed?

Your view of the market is likely influenced by personal experience buying or selling, conversations with friends going through the process, media news reports and/or hearsay.

Proclamations I often hear include:

  • There is a shortage of homes for sale, and it is getting worse
  • It is a seller’s market…no better time to sell
  • The luxury market is suffering
  • Prices have been driven too high too fast…a shift is coming

It is important to keep in mind that the real estate market is both location and price sensitive. With that said, what do these year-over-year charts have to say about the resale market for Walton High School homes in East Side, Mt Bethel, Sope Creek and Timber Ridge Elementary Schools priced in the $7 and $8 hundreds?

Walton 10 Yr July Resales $700s

Walton 10 Yr July Resales $800s

First, the numbers are relatively small as defined by this criteria and therefore challenging to accurately forecast a trend. With that said, the activity appears fairly consistent with 2008 and 2009 being the exceptions as explained by the housing market recession being in fully involved at that time. I believe the Walton High School portion of East Cobb is a bit buffered from the national and metro trends.

I’m often asked, “When is the best time to sell?” It seems the inquirer is looking for a seasonal answer; i.e., spring, summer, etc. In my opinion the best time to sell is when you are ready. And when you are ready please give us a call to schedule a conversation so that we can accurately assess your home given its condition relative to recent sales and pending listings that are deemed similar. Don’t rely solely on the county assessed value, online valuations like Zestimate, or the price of the house next door.

Be sure to visit our Miller Group Realty website for additional micro market stats for our core area and price range.


2018 Cobb County Tax Assessment

The 2018 Cobb County Tax Assessment Notice is in the mail, or perhaps you have already opened it. Note on your calendar that the last day to file an appeal is Monday, 6/18/18.

Visit www.CobbAssessor.org for more information.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you believe the county has set an unrealistic value and your Walton High School home is in East Side, Mount Bethel, Sope Creek or Timber Ridge Elementary School.

It’s That Time of Year

It’s almost that time of year when the school year is over, and for some that means preparing to make that long anticipated move.

Here is a high level view of the current Walton High School real estate market as of 4/26/18. I chose $600,000 for this illustration because the higher value homes are our particular focus in just four elementary schools. Continue reading “It’s That Time of Year”

Walton High School Home Sales

Real estate is a common topic of conversation at almost any social gathering, possibly because it is frequently reported in the news, more people own versus rent, and it seems someone in the conversation is planning to buyer, sell or invest in real estate.

These numbers may surprise many who live in East Cobb and specifically those with an interest in Walton High School single family detached homes in East Side, Mount Bethel, Sope Creek and Timber Ridge Elementary Schools. We specialize in this area because it is where we live and clients benefit more when we can implement our Best Home Marketing approach to selling and also be hyperlocal. Continue reading “Walton High School Home Sales”

False Start

The homeowner who decides to sell their house enters a competition regardless of whether they list For Sale By Owner (FSBO) or with an agent.

In a track meet, an initial false start by one restarts and renews the race for all, but not so in real estate. Placing a For Sale sign in the yard officially enters them in the race but a false start divides the field into those that truly participant (receive offers and close) from those that become spectators (watch the market activity and are left to wonder).

Continue reading “False Start”