Offerpad, Knock, Others

National firms like OfferPad, Knock, Home Partners,  and the flock of local firms who purchase houses without intending to occupy are INVESTORS. Yes, they often buy property in any condition, for “cash” and can close quickly. That’s the good news. The bad news is the purchase price is often at a deep discount which is the trade-off for the convenience and ease of selling. Make no mistake, an investor is looking to profit from the deal. Continue reading “Offerpad, Knock, Others”

Non-Permitted Improvements

The post on 3/13/17, Cash Buyers Not All Created Equal, raised awareness that the institutional investor with cash may not be your best buyer for several reasons.

The “the devil is in the details” phrase applies to the company, Knock. In the details they exclude houses with non-permitted improvements, and other conditions.

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